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Betreff: Gesundheit der Jugend

Ein Viertel der jugendlichen von Allergien betroffen!

Siehe KTZ vom Freitag den 10. September 2004

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Betreff: ganz deiner meinung

habe den bericht in der zeitung auch gelesen, und kann die nur beipflichten. wenn das so witer geht, werden wir nicht mehr groseltern werden.

lg harald
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Betreff: GbzfdhUXrlcI

Please here the message that we grltaey need a viable public transportation system. My wife and I are hoping the Rally Bus (Houston) comes through, but are not confident with the need for 25 more reservations in order for it to avoid cancelation. Greyhound and Amtrak, if leaving early o'clock on Friday would get to DC on Saturday evening and Sunday morning respectively. This would miss the event and would only allow enough time to board again and return on Monday night. Two days for one way travel from Houston to DC? That's great if time were of no issue, but most of us have job commitments. Air travel makes little environmental sense and therefore is not reasonable for us. Just for comparison, Madrid to Berlin (40 miles further than Houston to DC) takes half the time and you cross a couple of international borders. I am open to carpooling ideas for this event, but there will be many people who simply can't make it due to the transportation obstacle. Local rallies are great and helpful, but if we want to unite as one mass in one place, then we need a reasonable way to get there.
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Betreff: oSRebfeVLvWHJmhrN

The Reason Rally is free. We'll gather on the mall to leitsn to talks, music and comedy from nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the atheist/humanist/freethought movement (and possibly one or more surprise speakers) and get a chance to meet and network with like-minded individuals from other states and countries. There are also opportunities on Friday for lobbying your congressional representatives on Church & State separation issues and in the afternoon and evening a chance to get socialize and make signs and buttons for the rally on Saturday (check elsewhere on the forum for links to details on those events). As of this posting, the speaker schedule is not out yet. Probably because the speaker list continues to grow. Tim Minchin was added about a week ago and Adam Savage from MythBusters was announced yesterday.
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